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Dec 14th, 2017, 7:24pm

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Our Statement of FaithOur Publication (BOOK) / The Partial Rapture "Theory" Explained / Escaping The Coming Storm
Ministry Activities, News & UpDates The Theocratic Kingdom, website.
Our Visitors Page (Obviously, visitors are encouraged to post)The "Thread" of Fellowship (Visitors are welcome to post.)
Prayer Page (Visitors welcome to post)Bible Questions & Answers (Visitors welcome to post)
Questions,, Comments,, Criticizms ! (Visitors welcome to post)The (Main) Partial Rapture Message Board & Forum Thread
The Book of RevelationThe Great Tribulation
The "Second Coming" of Jesus ChristOnce Saved, Always Saved
AngelsThe NEPHILIM of Genesis 6 (or offspring of the fallen angels)
Eschatology (The study of last things.)Theology and general Bible Study
POLLS for this site - VOTE and voice your opinion (cruxty's inspiration)The Timing of The Rapture
The "First Rapture" or "First Fruits Rapture"The Pre-Trib Rapture of The Bride of Christ
The Mid-Trib RaptureThe Pre-Wrath Rapture
The Post-Trib "Rapture" (Second Coming Only)The Bible Codes
End Time NewsThe anti-christ (and/or the false prophet) any and all candidates.
Date Setting Concerning The Rapture ??Republican Platform ?
Democratic Platform ?F R E E D O M
FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDCourtland Independent Baptist Church
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