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Dec 14th, 2017, 7:29pm

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xx The Rules
« Thread started on: Sep 11th, 2009, 4:33pm »

cool There are very few rules here.

NO attacks on the messenger. Such will not be tolerated. Discuss (in debate format) the subject of the post. If or when any animosity is shown toward another member, you have proven yourself to have lost the ability to argue your point. Though your position may be valid and your view correct, your attention having been shifted from the subject of the post to your opponent is declaration of you having lost the debate.

Very few are unwelcome on this message board.
Unbelievers in Jesus Christ are welcome to participate (and hopefully enquire), but attacks on or insults to the faith of any kind, will not be tolerated.

Proselytizing (or attempting to convert board members to your beliefs) is not explicitly prohibited within the format of this message board by way of you stating your case, but familiarize yourself fully with our beliefs before you make any such attempts. Although those that practice such will have many disagreements with our position, quite frankly you telling us we are wrong doesn’t make it so. We are completely convinced of the views that we hold, directly due to the reading of The Word. We stand on what the scripture says, not what anyone and everyone tells us they say it means.
This ain’t our first rodeo.

All beliefs and views are welcome, (within Dispensational Pre-millennialism) but only in the appropriate threads if they are in distinct contrast with our main theme, which is,,

The Conditional or Partial Rapture.

All views in regard to the Return of Christ outside the purpose of this message board, (Pre-Trib Only, Mid-Trib, Pre-Wrath, Post-Trib) are to remain civil and courteous when any member enters the thread of an opposing view, and then only to enquire and discuss (within the debate format, of course).

Although all threads tend to contain "rabbits" (as in chasing, or subject change), new comers to a thread must be aware of the original theme within the thread, and all members must stay within that parameter. If a “rabbit” emerges from its hole in a thread, put it on its own path in a new thread.

Newcomers need to review all posts concerning their subject of choice. Insure you are not attempting to cover ground already covered. Given enough time, the appropriate members will (most likely) respond. Do not be surprised if a response takes a few days. Some members are busy people, with more than the one job that pays the bills.

The accusation,
“You are proclaiming your view as The Word of God” or
“Your opinion is being expressed as, thus saith the Lord” will not be tolerated.

I say again, the accusation will not be tolerated.

Every believer is expressing their view as they understand the scripture to explain their own belief. It should be understood by each member of this message board that when a person is expressing themselves in post, it is their “opinion” they are sharing from all others perspective, but the poster is doing so from the position of believing the information as the truth, such as they have learned it from The Word.

It is very difficult to fully explain oneself, when adamant about a given topic, without the appearance of a “holier than thou” attitude. On this board, (within an undefined limit, set by yours truly) it will be tolerated.

THERE WILL BE NO DEBATE ON THIS ISSUE. Quite frankly, If you can’t play, you can’t stay.

Churches Corner is a free service provided to the members of sponsored churches to converse with one another on “public” church business. (This is the internet, after all.)

Church activities, as well as limited and modest personal business is welcome. But, all communiqués must be free from any covert or second meaning content. (Concealed or underlying messages / Code.)

In short, if our staff can not make plain language sense of the text, or sees a pattern that is inconsistent with the grammatical flow of the conversation, it will be removed.

New rules (and changes to existing rules) will be added as needed, but if all stay within these parameters I would think such would not be necessary, therefore do not make it so. After all, such behavior is unbecoming a Christian.

If any member begins to resemble any of the descriptions above, it places in question their fellowship with the Father through Jesus Christ, if not their very status within the family of God itself.

(Translation. You may have been living as a Christian for many years and are assured in your belief that you are part of the family of God. But, at the time of the event you consider your conversion, were you truly saved and/or born again ? There are many such individuals inside the body of the local church, persons who believe themselves to be, but are not a part of the true family of God. I pray you are not one.)

Through the Love that indwells each child of God from God and through God, should we not all be able to tolerate one another the short time we are here. After all, we are going to be spending eternity together. (Literally) !!

Welcome to the board.
Grace, mercy and peace be multiplied to you and all that are yours.
May you keep yourself safe in God’s Will.
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