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Dec 14th, 2017, 7:26pm

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xx Statement Of Faith
« Thread started on: Sep 25th, 2009, 8:00pm »

Condition of the Rapture Ministries in conjunction with The Partial Rapture Forum and Message Board stand firmly on the following Statements of Faith.
(This is what we believe, if not what we out right know.)

Salvation is by the grace of God alone through faith in the sacrifice of death and separation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, period!! Not of works. Any works. Of any kind, shape, form or fashion.
Jesus bore the penalty for our sin of unbelief by the separation of himself and his Spirit from the presence of the Father, which is represented in the shedding of his precious blood and physical death on the cross in order to redeem and reconcile mankind to God.

God is Triune, in three persons. (Not represented in, but is) The Father, The Holy Ghost, and The Son. All Three are One, yet each is a distinct individual and personage unto themselves. God the Father (Adonai). The Spirit (Shekhinah). Jesus Christ (Yeshua) the great “I AM“ (Jehovah), God perpetually manifested in the flesh.

MAN, THE (physical/spiritual) MIRROR IMAGE OF GOD.
Man, through descent of Adam, was created by God (Elohiym, "in the plural" - in three persons) after the image of God in three persons. He was formed by the very hands of Jehovah God (Jesus in his pre-earthly form) in which he breathed the Spirit of God (The Shekhinah - presence of God) into the hand made clay figure of man and duplicated within man a spirit from God, everlasting in its being having been given directly by God, through God, from God.
Through the “infusion” (for lack of a better term) of the spirit into the body, man emerged a living soul inside the physical shell upon the emergence of life to co-exist as one with the spirit of man.
In conclusion, man is a soul, was given a spirit with which the soul merged, inside a physical shell.

BAPTISM (Spiritual).
Baptism (the one baptism) is the spiritual transformation (or change) that takes place at the point of conversion (from a child of disobedience, to a child of righteousness) through the immersion of the being of man (soul/spirit) into the Spirit of God (in essence, the womb of God) rejoined to its spiritual counterpart from whence it came. Man emerges from this immersion changed from a child of the devil to a “son of God” (or direct creation of God). “Becoming” a direct offspring, reborn through the Spirit into the family of God, (now a believer) he is never again capable of being an un-believer, having become fully aware of the “Truth” that is, is of, and is in God.

BAPTISM (Physical).
Water Baptism (or ritual immersion in water, “fully wet“) is the physical representation of the spiritual baptism. It is the public profession of faith by a believer in the physical of what he is declaring he has experienced in the spiritual. It is an affirmation of the believer of his salvation experience, therefore is reserved for believers alone. It has no abilities of salvation since the believer has already experienced salvation, but it is an important public declaration by the believer of the spiritual event.

All scripture is inspired (given and is “quickened” or alive with The Spirit) and without error in its original form. We believe in the absolute preservation of God’s intended teachings through divine providence. Today, the Authorized King James Version in the English language (although not without minor textual printing errors in its man made published form, possibly three) functions as God‘s message (a love letter) to his creation, man. Its contents are without error when understood within the boundary of its contextual structure, accomplished when studied through the definitions of words in the original languages of Hebrew, Chaldea (Babylonian), and Greek. In its modern form, God’s Word (The Holy Bible) through the presence of The Spirit that embeds it, is able to meet every spiritual need of all Christians, and is capable of leading the lost to salvation.

THE MILLENNIUM / 1000 year Kingdom Reign of Christ
The Millennium Reign of Christ will be literal, physical and on the current earth with the curse caused by the disobedience of Adam and Eve lifted from off the back of creation. It will be enjoyed by,,

1. The remnant of Israel that survives Great Tribulation through the final heptads of Daniels 70th week.
2. Any Tribulation Saints that survive Great Tribulation through the final heptads of Daniels 70th week.
(Scripture does not record any, but it is possible.)
3. The resurrected martyrs of the Great Tribulation, that will not only live, but also reign with Christ throughout the millennium. (Some entered into the Great Tribulation in possession of salvation but were unprepared for the Rapture of the Bride, the rest surrendered to Christ through salvation inside the Great Tribulation.)
4. Resurrected Old Testament Saints.

Generally but inaccurately referred to as "The Second Coming", this is the traditionally accepted second coming of Christ (The Glorious Appearing) which will be Pre-millennial (before the 1000 year reign of Jesus on the earth). It will take place at the end of The Great Tribulation Period. Jesus Christ, the Messiah and King of Israel will return from heaven to conquer the post-tribulational world and set up his earthly Kingdom. This coming will be observed by the entire world as he comes in the clouds of Heaven.)

Great Tribulation / Daniel’s 70th Week / The Time of Jacob’s Trouble. These are all one and the same, and is the final “heptads” (or seven weeks of years) of which 69 have been fulfilled to date. It has been reserved by God for the turning of Israel back to her true messiah Jesus Christ, but will also engulf the entire world in turmoil. God will allow satan to empower a man the scripture calls anti-christ as a false messiah to the world who will in turn accept him as such. Through satanic influence he will rule the world, although with great difficulty and much strife between nations.
The first half of the Great Tribulation will bring the greatest persecution upon believers that has ever been seen throughout the entire church age. Two category of believers will be martyred inside this time. All that recognize the anti-christ for who he is and turn to Jesus will be saved, but will be murdered by the powers that be for their faith in their Savior. The other class of “tribulation saints” entered into the Great Tribulation saved but unprepared for the Rapture of the Bride of Christ. They will meet the same fate as all believers during this time, up until the opening of the sixth seal of Revelation.
The second half of The Great Tribulation will see anti-christ turning his attention to Israel after breaking the covenant of peace made with them at the beginning of the 70th week. Israel will face the greatest persecution beyond any she has ever known throughout the entire historical record of creation. Hence, the name, The Great Tribulation.

The Rapture of the Bride of Christ will be Jesus’ first return since his ascension into heaven nearly two thousand years ago, or the “second time” he will appear, having already appeared once as God manifested in the flesh during his physical life, ministry and death. Unlike the Glorious Appearing, where he will be observed by the entire world, his “second appearance” will be observed only by those who are looking specifically for his return and who are in the spirit of anticipation being “right with God” / “inside the will of God for their life” / “obedient to his will”.
Jesus (The Bridegroom) is returning for his Bride, not the entire church. Only the portion of the church who has kept herself chaste and accounted worthy by him to be gathered, will be taken back to New Jerusalem to be presented to the Father. This would include the entire church as a whole if the majority of the church had not tied itself to the world and (by the biblical standard) committed adultery against their Bridegroom. Because of their failure to be obedient inside the marriage vows of the covenant, they will be divorced at the time of The Rapture and be left behind to face the horrors of, and die inside The Great Tribulation.
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