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Dec 14th, 2017, 7:24pm

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xx A question about the Bride & the Millennial Reign
« Thread started on: Jul 29th, 2011, 9:06pm »

It seems like the 1000 year Millennial Reign will be for only certain groups. Why wouldn't those who've stayed so pure and true to Jesus and who constantly looked for His appearance and prayed to be counted worthy to escape the great tribulation, and then got raptured before the tribulation as the Bride of Christ...NOT be allowed to attend the 1000 year Millennial Reign with Christ? I mean, where would they be? It seems like they would be the first ones to be allowed to partake in this? I'm confused about this. If you could please help shed some light on this, I'd appreciate it so much!


They are much appreciated, but I'm still a bit confused. huh
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xx Re: A question about the Bride & the Millennial Re
« Reply #1 on: Aug 4th, 2011, 05:22am »

Most Christians read the passages pertaining to, but overlook the message given to us in the scripture concerning, the relationship between the 1000 year reign of Christ (on earth) and New Jerusalem (which is in heaven or the spirit world), the place that Jesus has gone to prepare for his bride.

The 1000 year reign is reserved for, but not exclusive to, those that survive The Great Tribulation Period. (The resurrected saints of that time are a different matter) The survivers of The Great Tribulation will enter into that wonderful time alive after Jesus brings it to its conclusion soon after his Glorious Appearance. But most Christians overlook the fact that New Jerusalem is not ushered out of heaven onto the earth until the 1000 years is complete. This is after satan is released from his prison and is allowed to deceive the nations of the world, and evil is put down (under his feet) for all time.

It's not that we (The Bride) are not "allowed" to participate and enjoy that time, but we have our own "place" prepared by Jesus himself in New Jerusalem during that time in the presence of God (The Father) himself. (The Spirit is omni-present, everywhere and every-when.)

I've had discussions about this with a close life long friend of mine. The scripture does not say we will not be able to visit earth at that time, (maybe we will) but it does not state such. But it does locate us in New Jerusalem where Jesus has taken us ("Raptured" to the Father's house) before the Great Tribulation ensues.
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